We are a non-profit organization that operates an indoor, aquaponics farm. We use our facility to grow sustainable produce for San Francisco and to share our knowledge and teach people about alternative agriculture systems.
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San Francisco's only Indoor, Urban, Aquaponics Farm

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Hyper-local, sustainably grown produce for the San Francisco market

The only way to get produce fresher than ours is to grow it yourself.

We harvest and deliver same day from our facility just a few miles from your kitchen. Our produce is delivered in just hours from time of harvest, not days.
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Fresh Produce grown to Order
We can plant and grow produce to your order. You tell us what you want and we grow and harvest it for you.
  1. Produce Grown To Order
    We can work with the chef or the purchasing manager to grow produce specifically for your kitchen. We can grow hard to find varieties or adjust for seasonality and grow the freshest produce exclusively for you kitchen
  2. Sustainable and Organic Produce
    We consistently grow certain varieties that we can provide year-round with no seasonality in price or availability. All of our food has to be organic, because any artificial fertilizers or pesticides would harm the fish. See our produce page for current availability
  3. Education Programs
    Growing Up Farms hosts educational programs at our facility. Working with local schools, after-school programs and educators, the farm is happy to craft an educational program for your group. From STEM based curriculum to field trips, we can make it happen.
  4. Design and Build Aquaponics Systems
    We can work with you to design a system and build it for you. Almost any size or shape you can imagine. An aesthetically pleasing system that matches the decor of your dining room, an educational system for your cafeteria or a commercial system for your warehouse.
  5. Maintain your System for you
    We can maintain your systems with our trained staff. We will come to your facility and stock, maintain, service and harvest your produce. No need to have specially trained staff on your payroll.